This page contains the Chapter article layout Guidelines of the NK Bushi Road Wiki.

Importance of StructureEdit

It is very important that an article has a proper structure. In an article about a particular chapter, there are different sections (like summary, navigation etc...). It helps the readers to understand an article easily. If the sections are messed up, the readers will have problem in finding the information. Thus, structure must be appropriate and appealing.


Here is the proper structure to a Chapter based article:

  • Introduction:This is not particularly a section, as it has no heading. It basically gives a small introduction about the chapter like the Chapter number and the series and author's name.
  • Summary :The whole chapter is summarized in this section. It is necessary to write it carefully. It should be noted that this section is the main content of any article related to a chapter.
  • Character in order of appearance:This section contains the list of character that appeared in the chapter according to the order of their appearance.
  • Trivia:Only if necessary. It is not needed to add this section to every chapter page.
  • Navigation:The Navigation section usually contains a list of chapters from the particular volume so that the readers may navigate between chapters easily.


  • Infobox:Infoboxes are necessary to be added to every page. Infobox designed specially for the chapters should be used.
  • Images:Images are supposed to be added in an alternative manner (left-right-left and so on). All the images in an article should be of same size. The image in the infobox is an exception.
  • Category:The Chapter pages fall under the category [[Category:Manga Chapters]]